Artistic Director – John Baker

Portland Boychoir seeks a dynamic, inspirational, and experienced teacher and conductor for the position of Artistic Director beginning in August, 2019.  Rehearsals begin in September.

Portland Boychoir Mission: to provide music education and professional-quality performance opportunities that develop self-esteem, depth of character, and advanced music skills in boys ages 6 to 18.

Core Values:  Excellence, Integrity, Authenticity, Kindness, and Joy


  1. To create the artistic vision for Portland Boychoir and to articulate this vision for the Board, the singers, their families, and the community at large.
  2. To conduct the organization’s flagship choir, Portland Boychoir consisting of Trebles (ages 10 to 13) and Gents (ages 13 to 18), in rehearsals and in performances. Both groups rehearse independently and together.
  3. To provide vocal training that develops healthy, robust, bel canto singing throughout the boys’ ranges.
  4. To provide training in music literacy and handbell ringing.
  5. To develop a comprehensive performance season to meet the educational, artistic, and financial goals as established in collaboration with the Board of Directors and Portland Boychoir staff.
  6. To oversee the logistics associated with booking venues and coordinating with production staff and volunteers.
  7. To oversee the artistic design of the promotional materials associated with concerts and recruitment.
  8. To recruit singers through community networking, through outreach to music educators, parents, and community members, and through traditional and burgeoning communications methods.
  9. To schedule auditions throughout the season, to inspire prospective singers through an affirming audition process, and to communicate appropriately with auditionees and their parents.
  10. To present touring proposals in a timely fashion and to follow through with planning as approved by the Board of Directors.
  11. To speak on behalf of Portland Boychoir to the media, to audiences, and to the community at large.
  12. To assist in the fundraising efforts in collaboration with the the Board and staff.
  13. To coordinate with the Board and administrative staff for the timely payment of expenses associated with the Artistic Director’s areas of responsibility – including payment to auxiliary musicians, guest artists, and for sheet music purchases.
  14. To support Portland Boychoir’s preparatory program by coordinating educational and performance materials, by helping produce their performances, by developing relationships with the preparatory participants, and by determining when and if boys should graduate into the performing choir.  (See note below regarding the opportunity for one person to serve in both conducting positions.)


  1. A musician and music educator with demonstrated mastery of choral conducting.
  2. Experience working with children and youth.
  3. Experience working with boys’ changing voices.
  4. Experience ringing, teaching, and conducting handbells.
  5. Creative, with a desire to cultivate a collaborative vision for the organization.
  6. A Bachelor Degree in conducting, music education, or similar qualifications/experience.
  7. Piano proficiency.
  8. Choral arranging abilities.
  9. Competency with music notation software.
  10. Strong verbal and written communications skills.



The Artistic Director for Portland Boychoir is a contracted part-time position.  The anticipated compensation is in the range of $20K to $30K annually, commensurate with experience.  Weekly contact hours (September through May) = 6 hours of rehearsal time, plus prep time, plus monthly Board meetings.


Directors with the desire, training, and skill also to work with young children (ages 6 to 9) are encouraged to apply for both positions: Artistic Director and Associate Director.  If contracted for both positions, the compensation would be increased accordingly.



Send email to with the following:
  1. Cover letter that explains why you are interested and qualified;
  2. Resume; and
  3. References with phone number and email address.


All applications will be acknowledged by email.  References will be contacted after a preliminary applicant screening and only with the permission of the prospective candidate for which their endorsement is sought.  Any contract offered to prospective staff is contingent upon completion of a satisfactory background check in compliance with Portland Boychoir policies.

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