The seeds of Portland Boychoir were planted by Portland Symphonic Choir through an outreach program called Portland Symphonic Boychoir. David York was hired as its director in 2000, and in 2003, Portland Boychoir was established as an independent non-profit organization. A high-school program for boys and girls was added in August 2005 and was named Ovation soon thereafter. The two programs operate under an umbrella organization called Portland Choirs. Singers in both Portland Boychoir and Ovation Show Choir receive rigorous training in music literacy, harmony, ear training and stage presence.

While there are other children’s choirs who operate in the Portland area, none offers the three main ingredients that make Portland Choirs unique: 1) a design model ensuring low student to teacher ratio with Artistic Director, David York, 2) a training program that addresses the specific needs of boys and honors the traditional boychoir art form, and 3) a small, portable high-school aged showchoir. Each student who participates in our program is well-known to the artistic director and enjoys the benefits of personal attention to meet each child’s unique vocal needs and talents.