Portland Boychoir Performance Groups

While holding high standards of respect and rehearsal decorum, Portland Boychoir understands and celebrates the learning style of boys. When boys sing with boys, they flourish.

All choirs rehearse at Milwaukie Lutheran Church, 3810 SE Lake Rd, Milwaukie, OR 97222. Choir placement is determined by the director and is informed by age, maturity, musical accomplishment, and vocal performance. Advancement is not guaranteed. Singers must demonstrate suitable proficiency skills and behavioral standards at each progressive level.

Advanced Boys
Boys ages 10 through 18
Advanced Trebles rehearse Sunday afternoons, September through May

Advanced Choir is comprised of treble-voiced and changing-voiced boys with advanced music-reading skills and excellent vocal production. It is Portland Boychoir’s premier performing and touring choir. Training utilizes challenging repertoire, emphasizes individual vocal development, and cultivates greater independence of parts when singing in harmony.

Placement into Advanced Choir is determined by audition or by invitation from the director based on demonstrated success while singing in Prep Choir. Eligibility is determined by proficiency with music reading, excellent vocal control throughout one’s singing range and at all dynamic levels, and confidence while singing an independent harmony part, as well as a high maturity level.

Advanced Choir repertory consists of classical literature in multiple languages from all time periods as well as pop, folk and contemporary music in various styles.

Touring is an integral part of the boychoir culture. Beyond the obvious benefits of performing in prestigious concert halls and being exposed to a variety of high-quality cultural experiences, touring with the Advanced Choir serves as a rite of passage for boys in their growth toward independence and their development into young men. The bonding that occurs among the boys while touring is the stuff from which life-long memories are forged and are never forgotten.
Past tours include travel to Disneyland, Arizona and the Grand Canyon, Baltimore, New York City’s Carnegie Hall, numerous regional tours to the Oregon Coast and Seattle, Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) and San Francisco.

We are looking forward with great anticipation for a Boychoir tour in the summer of 2022. Details to be announced soon!

Boychoir members attend an annual music retreat where they take their musical skills to a higher level, deepen the group’s camaraderie, and experience an exhilarating form of team work through the physical, social, musical, and intellectual.

Prep Choir
Boys ages 6 to 10
Rehearses Sunday afternoons, September through May

Prep Choir activates the fiery energy of boys and channels it into a vibrant singing celebration. Training is fun, fast, and full with emphasis on good vocal production, part-singing, music literacy, performance decorum, and stage presence. Their songs are a mix of old and new, sophisticated and playful, high art and raw entertainment in age appropriate arrangements with specific educational objectives in mind.

Performances include a minimum of two concerts, one recital, and various outreach opportunities such as caroling at Zoolights, singing the National Anthem at civic events, and participation in Portland Boychoir’s bi-annual recruitment and holiday events.

Boys 6 and older may audition at various times throughout the year. Qualified singers must demonstrate the ability to match pitch with a pleasant tone quality, or may be recommended by the director based on progress shown while singing in Primary Choir.

The Portland Boychoir rehearses Sunday afternoon/evenings at:

Milwaukie Lutheran Church
3810 SE Lake Road
Portland, OR 9722

2020-2021 Tuition

(Per Year)
Advanced Boys: $1395
Prep Boys: $740

Need-based scholarships are available. Please request an application during the registration process.

There is an early-bird discount, as well as discounts for paying in full for the season, or trimester payment plans. There are also sibling discounts.
There are additional fees associated with registration, costuming, camps/retreats, and touring (Advanced Choir).