Arts for All

Portland Boychoir is excited to participate in the Arts for All program and welcomes all Oregon Trail Card holders to its audience.

Q. Who can buy $5 Tickets?
A. Anyone who gets food stamps (SNAP) and has the Oregon Trail Card.
Q. How many tickets can I buy for $5 each?
A. Two per Oregon Trail Card.  A limited number of tickets is available at each event.
Q. Where do I get $5 tickets?
A. Tickets may be purchased at the door, day of the event.
Q. How do I buy the tickets?
A. You must show your Oregon Trail Card at the time of purchase and pay with cash or credit card. SNAP credit on the Oregon Trail Card cannot be used to buy tickets.
Q. Which concerts have $5 tickets?
A. All concerts at the New Thought Center for Spiritual Living venue will offer a limited amount of $5 tickets.